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TSC Counseling Center is staffed by graduate students from local universities who are receiving degrees as Licensed Professional Counselors in the State of Colorado.

Timothy L. Scudder

CMHC Graduate Student - Grand Canyon University

(CACREP accredited)

Timothy understands that pursuing one’s health is a hard and courageous endeavor. He believes that mental health is of the utmost importance and seeks to create a nurturing environment of safety and acceptance to foster growth.
Timothy has experience working with adults and adolescents dealing with various issues including depression and anxiety. He approaches counseling from a strength-based stance meaning that he helps clients discover their unique strengths and empowers them to become champions of their own lives. These approaches include Cognitive
Behavior Therapy, Solution-Focused Therapy, Mindfulness, and Motivational Interviewing. Timothy believes that no one lives in isolation and is excited to be one of the partners in clients’ lives that helps to facilitate healing. In his spare time, Timothy enjoys many of the creative arts such as painting and music, and enjoys camping and fishing

with his family.

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Joseph Anders Bio photo.jpeg

Joseph Anders

CMHC Graduate Student - Adams State University

(CACREP accredited)

Joseph has a history of working with individuals going through mental health crisis. Individuals
struggling with addiction, depression, and anxiety have found great success with Joseph. Joseph
embraces a cognitive behavioral therapy with an emphasis on mindfulness. He works to help you to
accept yourself for who you are and to manage your own emotions and thoughts. Regulating destructive
behaviors and acknowledging negative thoughts can help you move toward a more controlled and less
impulsive state of mind. In his free time, Joseph enjoys being in the mountains as they are a peaceful
and beautiful place to think and meditate about life.

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